Monday, July 28, 2014

Whatever You Do Act Not-American

Most Europeans have a relaxed and good-natured persona when it comes to meeting foreigners. However, occasionally you come across those that do not like Americans who don't know a lot about their culture, language, or customs. I have gotten my way out of a couple sticky situations by faking European.

Steps to Fake European:

1) Assess which language they are talking to you in.

2) Respond appropriately if you know the language, albeit very brokenly

3) Apologize and ask to switch languages to something non-English

-- Hopefully they do not know that language and see that you are trying to commu

nicate with them. Three out of four times the aggressor apologized to me and went about their business. One time I was forced to switch to English, in which case the problem was resolved quickly.

Most of these occurrences happen in France. So switching between French, German, and English is a good strategy to seem European and multilingual.

Other than that travel is splendid and here are pictures of Cannes, France and Monaco.

Due to miscommunication this is me riding first class to Metz Ville from Cannes

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  1. Great advice, fellow student! If only I knew another language to switch to and not be American!


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