Monday, July 14, 2014

Germany World Cup Win

Last night me and the guys went out to the City Square to go see the Argentina vs. Germany final game.  The entire square was packed.  We luckily got there early enough to find a nice comfy rock to sit on.  In front of us was a German family who rented out the entire restaurant just to see the game.  Behind us was a group of French friends who were singing songs and chanting.  They tried to talk to us and we told them we were from Philadelphia, which made them think of basketball for some reason.

The game was really intense, with Argentina and Germany both unable to make a proper goal for the first two halves (although there were some nailbiting moments where both got the ball in the net).  When Germany finally scored, the entire plaza went nuts.  Fireworks went off, everyone stood and hugged each other, and people were standing on tables leading songs.  While I was taking a picture, the Frenchmen behind me started laughing and chanting 'Philadelphia!' to us.

The walk home was even more exciting.  Cars were covered in German paraphanelia and honking at pedestrians.  Many people were hanging out the windows of the cars and shouting.  People in the upper floors of buildings set off fireworks from their balconies.  The largest gathering was at a train stop, right on the railroad.  People were singing and dancing in the middle of the rail tracks.  A policeman had to walk in front of the train just so it could get through.

Our lungs tired from singing and yelling 'Deutschland!', we finally made it back to the hotel where we fell asleep so we could go to work in the morning.

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