Monday, July 7, 2014

Bankfurt... I mean Frankfurt

     On Saturday we went to visit Frankfurt. It is truly an amazing city. Eric describe it to me as a major banking city, giving it the nickname "Bankfurt." I honestly could not even picture how big (literately) banking was there. For starters, when I think of banks I think of small, 1-2 story buildings that have a vault in them because I know most banking is done electronically. Frankfurt blows my image of bank buildings out of the water.
    See all those really tall buildings, basically all of them are banks. Not only that, they have small banking buildings all around town (and I mean literately all around town). Everywhere you go you see one bank or another. One of the most common was Commerz Bank. It was crazy to see how many buildings they had. If I had counted how many Commerz Banks I saw I know it would be in the double digits.
This picture shows the Commerz Banks headquarters. It's a little larger than I thought it would be.

   Frankfurt had more to offer than just banks. It also had lots of shopping centers. The malls had some of the coolest architecture I've ever seen. The picture below is a mall from the outside.
 I thought it was really cool how the glass sloped inward, but what I saw inside made this look like amature hour.

This picrure shows some of the ceiling that is warped to make a pipe that connects into the middle of the mall. It was breath-taking how beautiful it was. Also the mall had a lot of floors which you can see in this picture. It had about 5 stories and had one basement (subfloor) with even more shops. It was crazy. There was also a Crocs store which was ridiculously expensive for how bad those shoes look.

Overall Frankfurt was amazing and I had a great time visiting.

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