Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alone, Cold, and Labless

Work at the INM is very interesting. There are so many people here, doing crazy experiments that would blow anyone's minds. For me, I am working electrospinning nanofibers out of biocompatiable materials for cell culturing. The interesting thing about that is the fact that this project is very interdisciplinary intensive. This puts me in the position where I encounter almost every Drexel student's group, with the exception of Adam who is another building. This also means that my job involves a lot of walking up and down stairs, because the three labs that I work in are all on different floors. This enables me to do my leg day at work, and do core and upper body in the form of rock climbing.

We don't just get husk at the rock gym, we also enjoy climbing outside to get the nice Saarbrucken sunsets.
Or just to fool around (Don't tell Hotel Weller)
As another good note, I did not have to go to GoodWill, because they fashioned me with my very own lab coat so I will be protected from the nontoxic chemicals that I use. During one experiment, I may or may not have gotten a little bit of chloroform sprayed onto my lips, luckily it wasn't the movies and I managed to not pass out immediately.

My mentor, Dr. Atchison, is leaving me again after only being here for a short while. However, in the couple of days that she was here I learned a lot about what needs to be done. There are also plenty of people at the INM willing to help out, if needed.

Somewhere in this post, I hit every point of the post title, jokingly. Hopefully if any official reads this it doesn't come across as complainy. I'm having an awesome time at the INM, and look forward to some promising research.

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