Monday, July 14, 2014

German transportation

    While I could take this time to post about how awesome it is here in Germany I want to take time to highlight one amazing thing about Germany. It has one of the most advanced transportation systems I've ever seen. For starters, I have not seen a train later than 10 minutes, which is very small compared to the 45 minutes I've seen in Philadelphia. The conductors also can contact each other, which is super helpful.
   On the way to Munich the first train Tim and I had to get on was running 10 minutes late. Because of that we missed a layover. We had an hour before our night train departed from Mannheim, but we were going to get there 3 minutes late. I asked the conductor if it would be possible if they could hold the night train for 3 minutes because otherwise we would miss it due to the delay. Thankfully there were enough people (including American's from Georgia tech) who needed to catch the train that they waited for us to arrive. I know that this would not happen in America and I'm very thankful.  If we had missed the night train Tim and I would have had to wait another three hours to catch a train to Munich.

   Munich also had a great transportation. You could get anywhere, including neighboring suburbs by public transportation at a cheap price. The guys and I were able to travel all around the city for 2 Euro each. The 2 Euros covered subway and bus transportation for a day... wish Philly had something as nice as this.
Here is a picture of a Munich subway station.

Here is a picture of the guys on a subway train.

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