Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Well, we came here. The first couple of days we enjoyed the delicious pizzas in the nearby restaurants Fig. 1. Ah those first beautiful days, where everything was bright and nice in terms of food, not weather. We have to assert that weather has not been in our side. According to some statistics, this is the coldest summer in 60 (Yes six and zero!!) years.  

Fig. 1. Some delicious Pizza. Special ingredient: Reindeer. If you manage to stop staring at the DELICIOUS reindeer pizza there is salad in the side.

However those beautiful days came to an end. The time to put our cooking skills to test soon approached us. We went to a nearby supermarket. Bought some food. Walked back to our rooms with our hand full of shopping bags and a unique and probably innovative way to hold umbrellas Fig. 2 (Rain in a summer day?! Not something strange here). Made it back to our room all fine and surprisingly not wet. Now the moment of truth was here! To cook or not to cook?! Our stomachs voted for the latter. 

Fig. 2. Isn't this one of the most innovative ways to hold umbrellas?!

We all have kitchens in our apartments but the common decision was to cook together for the first few times. After eating at "THE HANS" for 9 months, our previous, barely existing cooking skills had faded. We had to start from scratch, thus, we decided to start with something simple. I think that words would be a lot to describe how delicious and I have to specify HEALTHY this first "dish" was. Fig. 3. Fig. 4.
Fig 3. Vanilla ice Cream with strawberries, biscuits, banana (barely visible in the back), banana bread, and of course the HEALTHY ingredient, Carrot :).

Fig. 4. The abovementioned recipe without bananas and carrots. Best way deal with time zone difference and lack of sleep at 3 A.M. p.s: It was so bright outside, sun never sets here.

Our food adventure went on, with our skills improving and building upon themselves every other time we cooked. We went from simple ice cream recipes, to frying eggs and sausages three meals a day, to rice, pasta, biscuits Fig. 5 and finally our best meal so far Fig. 6. A Saturday family dinner  consisting of  Fettuccine with Alfredo Sauce and Salmon, the always present dish of fried eggs and sausages with a lot of random spices, some sauce we bought at the local market and to drink, tap water. We would like to specify that even though we can legally drink alcohol, as of now we have refrained ourselves from drinking and we will stay up to the expectations people back home have for us :P . Words aside the following pictures will tell the story of the rest of our food adventures.

Fig.5. Delicious biscuits. Crunchy from the outside but soft and tasty in the inside.

Fig. 6. Saturday family dinner. Best one till now. Fettuccine alla Alfredo Sauce and Salmon, toasted bread, and of course eggs and sausage.(This dish will always be part of our meals. Promise!) 

Fig. 7. Selfie at a fast food. How could we not go to a Finish Fast Food chain. How?! Is that even possible?! Btw the food was good but in terms of taste to price ratio (unit "deliciousness"/$) McDonalds leads.

Fig. 8. A rather rare sunny day at the beach. We hurried to get back to ice cream. Best Ice Cream ever.
To sum it up, besides all the great adventures we have had here the food adventure has aided in making our time better till now. Going from eating pizzas out, ice cream for dinner, to biscuits and fancy Italian pasta we have experimented and learned a lot. Some of the food was not the best we have ever eaten (a.k.a biscuits that were so bland we named them bread biscuits). Some of it was so delicious we thought that one of the used spices was some kind of illusionary stimulants (NONE WAS!) and of course to the fried eggs and sausages that will accompany us to the end of our time. We have started to see some of the bright sides of this experience as well. We are preparing ourselves for the upcoming academic year when most of us will be cooking for ourselves.


  1. Reindeer pizza is the most awesome special food I have ever heard since Florentine tripe (try it out when you're in that city, or look it up, but I wouldn't recommend doing the latter before the former). But still, I'm glad to hear you're having as much an awesome time as we are!

  2. It had a very special and distinct taste. If given the chance, you should try it, I will make sure I try that when I come there. We are indeed having a great time and I am happy to hear that you guys are enjoying it too :)

  3. Sounds really interesting, but I don't think I will be able to get reindeer pizza in Germany...

    1. We will bring some! Hope it makes it fine to Frankfurt :)


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