Friday, June 7, 2013

iSTAR Scholars Summer Blog Responsibilities

Hello, STAR Scholars!

As part of your iSTAR responsibilities this summer you will be required to share your iSTAR experiences with us back in Philadelphia! In order for us to get a glimpse into your international STAR Scholars experience, the Office of Undergraduate Research has started a blog for you all to reflect on your time and research abroad.

We want you to document your experience abroad in the iSTAR Summer blog. Please post once a week, if not more, on subjects pertaining to your STAR experience. Each post should contain (1) a reflection on your research and (2) a reflection on anything else you want to share about your time abroad (e.g. the culture, language, your travels, differences in food, music, clothing, customs, etc.).

Feel free to comment on each other's posts and ask questions of each other. Also, share photographs!

Each post must be submitted by midnight on Sundays, eastern standard time.

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