Sunday, June 30, 2013


           This weekend there was a huge festival in downtown Saarbrucken. Ther was music and live

performances on almost every street, Regional foods stalls peddling Schwenker and Flamchuken (I am

 aware that I cannot spell and am working on it). rows of street vendors selling everything from handmade

leather bags to banzai trees, and of course copious amounts of beer.

           There were amazing musicians preforming on multiple stages throughout downtown Saarbrucken.

 One particularly memorable on involved a drum duel between a metal drummer and a bongo player
           On the research side of things I spent this week reviewing literature and learning how to use the

machines that I will need for my research. I got to use the SEM and got a lot of practice in spinning my own

 fibers with the electrospinner.

            Overall it was a pretty good week I wish this festival would never end.

(pictures will be added later. I have them they are just proving difficult to upload)

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