Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hi from Crete!

Hello from Crete!

I just arrived a few hours ago to this beautiful island and am already loving it. I am living just outside the capital city of Heraklion in a really nice family-run hotel with a few other Drexel students. I haven’t had much time to explore yet as I needed a well-deserved nap, but I will definitely be posting some pictures in the upcoming weeks. However, what have I been up to the past week you may ask? My community service project in Israel officially ended on Wednesday so I had been spending the last 3 days in Tel Aviv making up on the work I missed the first couple of days. This included answering emails, setting up appointments with officials to meet with and talk to in Crete, and catching up on my readings and scholarly journals. I have been taking notes on all different articles and books and looking at background information and preliminary research. Starting on Monday, however, I will start to be focusing more on my project as I will officially be able to work in person with my mentor and with the PHD student. I am also taking an anthropology course while I am here which will begin on Monday. So as you can probably tell, I am looking forward for the new week to begin.

I will try to post more later in the week but now I am off for dinner time! 

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