Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Welcome to iSTAR 2014!

Hello, all!

Welcome to your iSTAR summer experience for Summer 2014 and to the iSTAR blog! We would like you to take full advantage of your time abroad by immersing yourself in the research and the culture in which you find yourself. And while you are doing so, we want to hear about it!

Please make time to post something on this blog at least once per week. These blog posts can and should be about any/every aspect of your time abroad - your research, your experience abroad, your travels, your challenges. Let this be a space for you to reflect on what you are experiencing and to connect with students who are participating in the same or similar experiences. And - of course - please use this as a place to upload LOTS of pictures!

So, in short, you are being asked to:  

  • Post at least once per week to keep us and others updated about your adventures
    • There are no hard and fast rules about how long these posts should be; really, they should be as long as you need or want them to be to adequately convey your thoughts and ideas to the rest of the iSTAR cohort and other readers.
  • Comment on other students' posts to make this an interactive discussion forum 
    • Most of you will have the opportunity to connect with the other students who are at your iSTAR location, but remember - there are two other locations! You're all going through the same experience - research abroad - in very different contexts, which will make for interesting conversation.  
  • Upload pictures so that we can see what you are seeing
    • If we can't be there with you, let us live vicariously through you! 

- The Office of Undergraduate Research 

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