Monday, June 30, 2014


 Everything here in Saarbrucken has been going extremely smoothly.  The city as a whole is extremely beautiful and has great culture to it.

Here is a picture of the building myself and all the guys are living in. It's one of (at least) three buildings that make up the Hotel Weller. The rooms are big (especially compared to Millennium's dorms), but unfortunately there isn't a single kitchen or refrigerator for any of the guys. In order to store food, cook or anything we have to pester Amanda, and I'm sure that is annoying for her.

This is a quick picture of the HBF or Hauptbahnhof. It is the main train station in Saarbrucken. It's nice and not a far walk from the hotel. 

Below are some pictures of Saarbrucken I took while walking around the city. 

Here are the guys taking pictures.

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