Monday, July 8, 2013

Investigating Carbon Expansion in EDLCs - Week 3

Investigating Carbon Expansion in Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors  
Drexel iStar Summer Blog -  Week 3

Experimental Work

Automating Dilatometer Data Processing: The dilatometer, which as I mention in other blogs is used to measure carbon expansion, records data points every couple milliseconds, and runs for an entire week. Consequently, I have an enormous amount of data to process. This week I invested automating some of the data processing via Macros in Excel. 

Objective:  Automate Data Processing to Efficiently Analyze Dilatometry Data 

  -Agilent Software Crashes
  -Agilent Software Scrambles Some Data Points
  -Two Different Instruments Generate Data Files
  -Enormous Quantities of Data 
  Initial: Use Excel Macros
  Long-Term: Write Program to Completely Automate Data Processing

Experimental Procedure: 

Personal  Notes
Not too much has changed since previous blogs. Next week we are planning on going to either Paris or a castle, so that should be awesome. This weekend I needed to get some experimental work done at the INM, so I stayed in Saarbrucken. The next couple weekends I plan on heading out to different cities in Germany and France. Thus far, the trip has been awesome, even just here in Saarbrucken, and I can't wait to see more! (Castles are awesome, just saying). 

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