Friday, August 8, 2014

Trip to Berlin

Most people who visit Germany do so with the intention of visiting Berlin. There is a good reason for this - Berlin is very important. By visiting it's easy to see why exactly that is. Berlin is the largest city in Germany, has its own federal state, is the capital of that state, and is the capital of Germany as a whole.

Berlin also has an interesting history which defines its current culture. The post World War division into East and West Berlin left noticeable scars on the architecture and development of the city. The division line, the Berlin Wall, can be seen in parts as a memorial to the history.
Where the wall once stood
Some people use the wall to send a message
Others to make their own art
There is plenty of room on the wall
Aside from the wall, there is plenty else to see in Berlin. There are obvious tourist attractions like the Brandenburg Gate or Castle Charlottenburg (pictured below)
Brandenburg Gate

Castle Charlottenburg
We also tried to see the Olympic stadium which was constructed for the 1936 Olympics, but we arrived at about 6 PM, which was apparently too late and we could not enter.
Olympiastadion exterior

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